How to wash and nurture curly hair?

curly hairThe care of curly hair requires a lot of involvement on the part of their owner, proper care and well-matched cosmetics. In addition to styling, nourishment and olejowanieming, curly hair also requires special treatment during washing. And just about how to wash curly hair will tell in today’s post, and its main theme would be the method “Curly Girl”.

The “Curly Girl” method is considered one of the best ways to care for curly hair. She is the author of the American hair stylist Lorraine Massey – founder of the Deva Curl and creator Deva Cut cosmetics brand – a special kind of cutting of dry hair. Adhering to the main assumptions and recommendations of the “Curly Girl” method promotes Piękniejszemu curl and better condition of curly hair. What exactly is this method? You’ll learn more about all this in this post.

The “Curly Girl” method – Key assumptions

The “Curly Girl” method assumes a delicate care of curly hair that begins at the stage of washing. The key element here is the exclusion of shampoos containing strong washing detergents, such as SLS, SLES, or ALS, silicones and other substances that can form a coating around the hair. This group of substances includes some quaternia and Polyquaternia, although all types are not excluded. In the “Curly Girl” method, cosmetics with paraffin and its derivatives and gums (e.g. xanthan gum) and waxes are not used. This applies to both washing cosmetics and masks, or nutrients used in the further stages of hair care.


Light lotions, conditioners and hair masks with simple compositions are used for hair washing. The “Curled Girl” method excludes the use of shampoos, even with gentle compositions, at every stage of washing. After shampoo goes back only once at 2-3 weeks to purify the hair from the residues of stylizatorów.
In addition to using a cleanser, it is also important to wash your hair with lukewarm hair and, after washing, to judge excess water in a cotton shirt, nappy or paper towel. It is not recommended to use terry towels and to wrap hair in the turban. Do not comb out hair after washing.

Conditioner instead of shampoo

At first glance, the “curled girl” method seems to be quite complicated, but in practice everything looks much easier. The fact is, however, that hair requires quite a lot of attention, which in the case of curly hair even without this method can not be avoided. However, before I discuss the hair care course according to the “Curly Girl” Method step by step, two sentences concerning hair-washing conditioner.

Why is this method recommended for curly hair?

Curly hair is dry and delicate, so it requires constant and effective humidification at every stage of the care, which shampoo, even with a good natural composition can not provide them. The conditioner is more delicate for the hair and scalp, does not contain detergents, does not dry the hair. Washing her hair protects it from plątanieming, does not dry the tips and cares for the scalp. After such washing the hair is more elastic, soft and really well moisturized.

Importantly, washing your curly hair does not relieve us of using a conditioner/mask that we usually apply to your hair after washing. For this purpose, however, we already use a different type of conditioner-with a more rich and treściwym composition. When choosing a conditioner/mask to be used after washing, care should be taken to maintain the balance of PEH (proteins-emollients-humektaty). Hair reswaggeration can lead to the hair being tight and too much emollients can be ordered.


Substances that are worth looking at in masks and conditioners are vegetable oils (e.g. linseed oil, avocado oil, czarnuszki oil, apricot oil), hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and glycerin (these substances like swagger hair and should be handled with care), urea , milk proteins, keratin, wheat proteins.

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