How to use a banana peel?

Banana peel is an effective way to treat wart, scratches and sunburn. Just attach it to the skin change and glue it to the patch. Banana peel is also used in acne skin care as it works bactericidal.

Banana peel is a valuable source of fiber and minerals. It is used as a natural remedy for kurzajki and for acne. In addition, banana skin soothes skin irritations and itching after insect bites.

banana peel

Banana peel-What’s the properties?

Bananas are a popular and tasty fruit that represents a true abundance of vitamins and minerals. They are covered with a thick skin that has a yellow, green or czerwonobrunatną color. Banana peel is usually thrown away, which is a mistake because it exhibits a number of beneficial properties. It is a source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. It also contains anti-oxidant compounds that neutralize oxygen free radicals. This allows the banana peel to inhibit the aging of the skin and help to improve its overall condition and appearance. It also has valuable amino acids that are essential for proper functioning of the body.

Banana peel-tooth whitening

Banana Peel exhibits a range of beneficial properties of care, beauty and health. It is used as a means of whiteninging teeth. The effect of a beautiful white smile is visible after two weeks of regular use of the banana treatment. This treatment is very simple to perform. Just rub your teeth inside the skin for at least two minutes every day in the evening. Then brush your teeth carefully, as sugar is contained in bananas.

Banana peel-Facial and acne

Banana Peel supplies minerals, vitamins and antioxidants with beneficial effects on skin condition and condition. Home-made facial masks for a healthier, radiant look are prepared on its base. Banana peel exhibits antibacterial properties, which is why it is an effective means of honouringing acne and skin imperfections. Banana masks are also indicated to people with complexion, prone to irritation. Before treatment, face skin should be washed with warm water and natural soap. Then the whole face is rubbed with the inside of the rind from the banana and leaves until dry. After about 30 minutes, the skin opłukuje with water to remove any remnants of the banana treatment. This treatment is recommended once a day. You can also zblendować a banana peel with a small amount of milk and then apply it to your face. In addition to combating dryness and acne, banana peel supports the fight against the shadows under the eyes. Just cut out the petals and lay under your eyes in the form of a poultice. In addition, banana peel is well suited as a means to prevent wrinkles, thanks to the content of potassium, B vitamins and vitamins A and C.

Banana peel-Other domestic applications

The peel from the banana is beneficial not only for skin condition, but also for hair. Masks with added banana peel are especially recommended for people with weakened, dried and damaged hair. The hair treatment will be prepared by zblendowanieing the rind from the banana with a little water. The resulting goo is applied evenly to the hair and leaves for about 30 minutes. After this time, rinse the mask under running water and wash the hair with shampoo. Banana peel is used not only for aesthetic and care purposes. It works perfectly as a natural plant fertilizer. Just put it in a large jar and pour over the water and then use it to water your pet plants.

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