Clay on Hair – properties, effects and ways to use

Clay on HairMineral clay in our beauticians already a while ago and are an irreplaceable component of domestic facials. We reach the post not to add the skin to the glow, clean clogged pores, level up the skin tone and alleviate irritation. and have you stosowałaś the clay on your hair? If not, be sure to read the rest of this entry! You will learn from it how clay works on the hair that has properties and how to apply it to achieve the best care effects.

But before I tell you how clay works on your hair exactly and when it’s worth it, a brief reminder of what the mineral clay actually is and what we can find in their rich composition.

Mineral Clay – composition, sourcing, properties

Clay is a sedimentary rock created by the process of weathering minerals. It is extracted as a stone, then crushed, dried in the sun and subjected to sterilization processes. As a product with a negative payload, clay attracts a positive-payload molecule to itself. So it works the same as a magnet, and the skin is applied to its toxic substances and all kinds of impurities.

The most famous types of clay are green clay, Moroccan clay (Ghassoul), red clay, white clay, yellow clay and blue clay. Less popular, but also used in pink, black and violet clays.

Clays contain almost all the macros and microelements that our skin needs. These are primarily silicon, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper and selenium. Depending on the colour of the clay, the content of these components may vary, which affects the properties and effects of each.

In cosmetics clay is used primarily for face care. They are irreplaceable in masks to purify the skin, normalize sebum levels, equalize colour and alleviate irritation. The clay is also used for cleansing the face and teeth. A popular use of clays is also poultices for reducing cellulite and removing toxins from the skin. The clay can also be used to make a facial tonic and deodorant.

The properties of the clay are mainly due to their cleansing, regulating, soothing and detoxifying effects. The clays also have anti-wrinkle, nourishing and disinfecting properties.

Clay on hair – what effects can you get?


Clay on the hair works in several ways, and everything is done within the scalp, which we apply it to. It is here that clay exhibits its unique properties, which translate not only into the state of the scalp, but also affect the appearance and condition of our hair.

Clay applied to scalp or added to hair shampoo is designed to purify, sanitize and detoksykować the scalp. Depending on the color, clay also exhibits properties that regulate the operation of the sebaceous glands, nourishes and stimulates the bulbs, relieves irritation of the scalp. It can also stylize hairstyle, because it helps to bounce the hair at the root and prolong the freshness of the hair.

What can you expect from using a hair-care clay?

  • Slower regreasing of the scalp
  • Longer hair freshness
  • Good condition of the scalp
  • Less irritation and no more problems with reddened skin of the scalp
  • Faster hair growth
  • More hair volume
  • Reduced hair loss

How to apply clay to hair?

Clay on hair can be used in several ways. The most common method is to use clay as the main constituent of the hair mask.

Clay Mask

The clay mask should be applied before the hair is washed. To prepare it you can use any clay, which should then be mixed with water, hydrolatem or vegetable oil. You can also prepare the mask by combining clay, hydrolat and oil with it, adding honey, natural yoghurt or aloe vera gel. Apply the clay mask on the scalp and leave for 20-30 minutes. For a better effect you can wrap your hair with foil czepkiem and a towel. After 20-30 minutes, wash a mask of hair, then wash it with a gentle shampoo with a natural composition, and finally apply a conditioner, omitting the scalp.

Clay Hair Washing

Washing your hair clay is another way to use your clay on your hair. If you want to use it this way you can add the clay to your favorite hair shampoo, or make yourself a “shampoo” by combining the clay with water or hydrolatem. Remember, however, that such shampoo will not churned. Washing hair clay Remove all kinds of impurities from the skin, nourish and strengthen the onions. Clay will absorb excess sebum too. Clay hair washing is recommended especially for the problem of excessive hair loss and fast oily.

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